Rman Clone Instance

Rman Clone Instance in Linux

  1. Step1
orapwd file=/u01/oracle/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/dbs/pwdsid.ora password=oracle entries=5
  1. Step2
export ORACLE_SID=sid
sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
startup pfile=/u01/oracle/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/dbs/initsid.ora nomount
  1. Step3
rman target / nocatalog
restore controlfile from '/u02/oradata/atom/rman/current/control01.bak';


before take an action it is necessary to
how much tablespace and diskspace the action use
how long the action take
consider the tablespace diskspace factor
consider the execution time factor

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