Flashback Drop


SQL> define _editor=vi


Any user with drop privileges over the object can drop the object, placing it in the recycle bin.


Privileges are tied to the privileges for DROP. That is, any user who can drop an object can perform Flashback Drop to retrieve the dropped object from the recycle bin.


Privileges are tied to the DROP privileges. Any user having DROP TABLE or DROP ANY TABLE privileges can purge the objects from the recycle bin.

SELECT for objects in the Recycle Bin

Users must have SELECT and FLASHBACK privileges over an object in the recycle bin to be able to query the object in the recycle bin. Any users who had the SELECT privilege over an object before it was dropped continue to have the SELECT privilege over the object in the recycle bin.Users must have FLASHBACK privilege to query any object in the recycle bin, because these are objects from a past state of the database.

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